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Only the best treatment and care will do for your patients when it comes to pain management. TIPI Pain Management of Houston defines excellence in pain management techniques and highly values the opportunity to collaborate with physicians, providers, and others who refer us to their patients. Rest assured, your patient will be given the highest level of care, and we will communicate with you every step of the way.

There are several convenient ways to refer a patient to Dr. Brett Warfield for an evaluation or pain management treatment in Houston:


1) Complete the downloadable form below.


2) Send an email to our patient coordinator.


3) Call our patient coordinator at (346) 888-5237


​Same-week appointments may be available. In some instances, same-day or next-day appointments can be arranged.


If available, please fax (346) 888-5864 Tipi Pain Management of Houston all relevant medical documentation at the time of the referral, including diagnostic imaging reports. Documentation required for patients treated under a worker’s compensation claim or sent by an attorney can easily be coordinated with the patient coordinator.

The Pillars of Our Patient-First Approach



Top Physicians & Exacting Care

Like many of our sports Medicine patients, we’re competitive- I want to give you the BEST possible care.  I have continually devote time each year to attending conferences and seminars to ensure our team using innovative medicine that will best serve you.


Technology, Stem Cells & More

I've combine the intuition and experience helping thousands of patients over 20 years of practice with a progressive focus on learning and implementing emerging technologies 


Fewer Meds & Less Invasive Techniques

While some patients will require the use of narcotics to control pain, at TIPI, we take pride in offering patients other alternatives. By staying away from the “pill mill” approach, Dr. Warfield offers a variety of minimally invasive techniques to help you to avoid invasive surgeries.


Achievable Goals &  Results.

We focus on long-term and tailored treatment plans to individuals’ specific needs.  We are progress focused and use attainable objectives to track a patient’s trajectory while adapting treatments along the way to achieve maximum results.

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