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Ketamine Therapy Houston

At TIPI Pain Management in Houston, our board-certified physicians and staff are earnestly committed to each of our patients. Our collaborative, multidisciplinary approach reduces pain and restores function, focusing our care and expertise where it belongs, on the patient.  We use the most cutting-edge and comprehensive techniques, including Ketamine therapy, so Houston patients receive the most complete care possible.

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Ketamine Offered At Our Houston Pain Clinic

If several different medications or therapies have been unsuccessful in treating your condition, it's natural to feel frustrated or anxious. It might seem like you've crossed off every choice on the list without getting relief. Fortunately, ketamine therapy has been increasingly recognized as a practical option for pain and depression patients who haven’t responded to traditional treatment. Contact us at (346) 888-5237 to learn more about Ketamine infusion therapy at our Houston office or to schedule your appointment.


What is Ketamine Therapy?

As a medication that can work where many others have failed, ketamine is complex. It was initially developed for surgical settings in the 1960s, but researchers have since discovered that it's much more helpful at sub-anesthetic levels. Even at these lower doses, though, it's capable of taking on many roles in the brain simultaneously.


The most prominent of these roles is blocking the brain's NMDA receptors. This kickstarts a process that helps neurons create new communication channels in the brain, making new thought patterns easier to pick up. At the same time, blocking the NMDA receptors is how numerous other pain medications function. Ketamine also reduces inflammation and, at higher doses, can interact with dopamine and opioid receptors. These multiple effects are highly effective for many of the patients we see at our Houston location.


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What Conditions Ketamine Can Help With

Ketamine therapy applies to various mental health, substance use, and pain concerns. If you're struggling with one of these conditions, ketamine is a worthwhile option to consider.

Fibromyalgia: This is a poorly understood disease. It is characterized by widespread chronic pain and is frequently associated with depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Most treatment paradigms include lifestyle changes and medications which often are difficult to tolerate. Ketamine therapy can rapidly improve the symptoms of Fibromyalgia so that you can regain control of your life.


Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and neuropathic chronic pain are characterized by overactive pain nerves that respond inappropriately to a stimulus, making normal sensations such as a light touch extremely painful. Over time, the nerve “learns” this response, causing a progressive, debilitating condition. Modern medicine offers limited options to stop this process, primarily because we don’t understand why it started in the first place. Ketamine therapy’s unique action has been shown to help stop these nerves from over-firing and allow them to reset and possibly regrow new, healthy connections. Ketamine therapy may be a practical part of a multi-modal approach to treating and overcoming chronic pain.


Diabetic Neuropathy: Tis condition may lead to further injury from a lack of sensation. Ketamine infusion therapy, as part of a multi-modal treatment regimen, may provide relief and improve symptoms in as little as one treatment. If you are struggling with Diabetic Neuropathy, our specialist can help you regain control of your life.


Peripheral Nerve Damage: A variety of reasons can cause Peripheral Nerve damage. The effects can be temporary or permanent, and the underlying cause of peripheral nerve damage usually determines the extent of the damage. Ketamine therapy has unique nerve-healing properties and has been shown to help damaged nerves regrow new, healthy connections. Ketamine infusion therapy will alleviate your symptoms and help speed up healing. Ketamine infusion therapy has also helped Houston patients with treatment-resistant depression including: 

  • Cancer pain

  • Neuropathic pain

  • Complex regional pain syndrome

  • Opioid-induced hyperalgesia

  • Opioid dependence

Benefits of Ketamine For Houston Patients

Ketamine infusions act quickly: Oral medications like antidepressants can take a month to help in noticeable ways, and talk therapy is a time-intensive process. A patient who is responsive to ketamine infusion therapy may notice pain relief in just a few short hours.


Ketamine works on both depression and pain: Chronic pain that resists treatment can worsen depression, and depression can make it more challenging to follow your treatment plan for pain. To reverse this cycle, ketamine responds to both angles at once.


Ketamine is a treatment that lasts: According to studies reported in Frontiers of Pharmacology, significant effects on pain reduction last an average of four weeks. After the initial infusions, you will likely only need to return for occasional booster treatments. This means you can spend less time at the doctor and more time living your life.



Dr. Brett Warfield is board-certified in  anesthesiologist and  interventional pain management. He has been practicing medicine for over 20 years. He is committed to alleviating your pain and restoring your well-being faster & without surgery. Contact TIPI Pain Management in Houston to schedule your consultation today. 


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Here at TIPI, we offer Ketamine therapy in Houston for patients with a referral from your doctor or mental health care provider. We also schedule pre-treatment wellness assessments for those who do not have a referral. Whichever way you begin, we are excited to offer this treatment option as a highly successful solution for pain and distress. Contact us for more information on our ketamine therapy in Houston or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Brett Warfield who believes that life is to be enjoyed and that every effort should be made to minimize or eliminate chronic pain. This is why he offers his patients a wide range of pain management alternatives.

Contact our pain management clinic in Houston at (346)888-5237.

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