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Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment 

Dr. Brett Warfield is a renowned pain management specialist in Houston who can work to craft a specialized treatment plan for your condition. Contact TIPI Pain Management today and schedule a consultation at our Houston locations for degenerative disc treatment.

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What Is Degenerative Disc Disease?

Degenerative disc disease is not really a disease at all, but it is a natural result of aging and wear and tear over time on the elements of the spine. The discs of your spine wear and break down with repeated use, allowing the vertebrae to squeeze closer together, pinch nerves and cause a range of problems. TIPI Pain Management in Houston provides degenerative disc disease treatment.


Spinal discs comprise cartilage and provide natural cushioning for the spinal vertebrae. Damage to any of these discs is likely to result in chronic back pain, and the location of the pain will depend on the position of the damaged disc. Some of the most common degenerative disc disease symptoms include:


  • Pain that worsens with specific movements, such as bending or twisting

  • Periods of severe pain that come and go.

  • Pain that radiates to the nearest limb

  • Lower back pain (if the degenerated disc is in the lower back)

  • Pain in the neck and shoulders (if the degenerated disc is in the upper back)

  • Tingling in the legs or fingers is caused by nerve impingement.

  • Loss of fluid in the disc

The center of a healthy disc can contain up to 80 percent water, allowing it to function as a shock absorber. When the water content in these discs starts to decrease, they are no longer spongy and flexible, which puts pressure on the disc's outer layer.


Tiny tears or cracks in the outer layer of the disc

Pressure on the outer layer of a disc can result in the development of small tears. The jellylike material from inside the disc can then seep through these cracks – a condition known as a herniated disc.

We accept most major insurances and have a program for self paying patients

Patient individual care because everyone has different levels of pain that need different types of pain care management.


Dr. Warfield is a board certified  doctor providing passionate, caring, and adequate pain management to his patients.

We see patients within days at our pain management clinic near The Woodlands.

Non-evasive Pain Management Houston

Our back pain management clinic in Houston utilizes the latest non-invasive integration medicine to help relieve pain and restore mobility. Our medical team can diagnose degenerative disc disease early so that many treatment options are available to help you avoid risky surgeries and long recoveries. Your pain management physician at Texas Intergrative Pain Institute may recommend one or a combination of the following therapies as part of your customized treatment plan:

  • Weight loss

  • Physical therapy

  • Facet joint injections

  • Plasma Rich Therapy (PRP)


Our practice at TIPI pain management in Houston provides your body with increased resources to boost your own natural healing processes when possible. This can provide your body with the materials it needs to slow the progression of some orthopedic conditions and relieve pain while restoring as much function and mobility as possible.


The most appropriate treatments for you will depend on the cause, nature, and severity of your degenerative disc disease pain. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Brett Warfield at Texas Intergrative Pain Institute in Houston to receive a custom-tailored degenerative disc disease treatment plan.



At Texas Intergrative Pain Institute (TIPI), our board-certified Back Pain Specialists in Houston excel in nonsurgical treatments for back pain and other chronic pain conditions. We are committed to alleviating your pain and restoring your well-being. Get back to doing the things you love faster & without surgery. Contact us today!

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