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Questions About TIPI Pain Management

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We have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions regarding pain management in Houston; if you do not find the answer to your question below or would like to speak with one of the friendly staff members at Texas Intergrative Pain Management (TIPI), please call (346) 888-5237 or click the button below to learn more about us.


Q: Why am I being referred to a pain management clinic?


A: Chances are, if your primary care physician referred you to our pain management clinic in Houston, it’s because you have been battling with chronic pain for over three months. Significant pain affects your quality of life and normal routine, so even if your PCP has diagnosed your pain, they may still refer you to TIPI. At TIPI, we are trained to help you better manage your pain and help you get back in the game. Don’t worry; you are in the best of hands with Dr. Warfield.


Q: What to expect from pain management?


A: At our pain clinic in Houston, we believe everyone is entitled to receive the best quality of life possible. You aren’t living your best life when you live in pain daily. Our pain management doctor primary goal is to restore mobility, freedom, and happiness.


Q: What will happen at my first pain management appointment?


A: Each pain management clinic in Houston is different, but at TIPI pain management in Houston, we offer a wide variety of pain treatments for patients who are in need of relief but haven’t been able to find it in common pain relief treatments. Here is a small sample of some of the treatments you can receive from our pain management specialist Dr. Warfield



We ask our patients to please bring their driver’s license or photo ID, a list of medications they are currently taking, their primary care doctor's name, phone and fax numbers, and any records that have not been faxed to our office. We will also need your insurance information if you are not a self-paid or cash-paid pain management client. Please fax the following type of records to (346) 888-5864

  • Any records from a pain management doctor

  • MRI/CT/X-ray reports for your area of pain

  • Recent records from your primary care and referring physicians.

  • Notes from past surgeries


Q: How Often Will You Need to Visit a Pain Specialist?


A: How often you will visit our Houston pain management clinic depends on your course of treatment, medical history, and other medications. If you only need a prescription refill, your appointments may only be as necessary to write them. You may need up to three injections to provide significant relief if you require nerve blockers. Other treatments will have different intervals of care that our experts will decide on for you.


Q: Can chronic pain ever be entirely eliminated?


A: Yes, for most patients, there are some instances, such as joint or nerve damage, where the damage cannot be fully repaired. Still, we have methods to decrease your pain and suffering so you can have a better quality of life.

What is noninterventional pain management?

Typically, a pain management doctor will begin treating chronic pain with non-interventional procedures to provide relief before using more aggressive treatments. The goal of non-interventional pain management is to relieve chronic pain without the need for surgery.  There are several non-interventional that can help relieve many types of pain; here are just a few of our pain management clinics in Houston offers:



Q: What area does Texas Intergrative Pain Institute serve?


A: Texas Integrative Pain Institute is located in Houston. It is located only 11 minutes from Humble, 13 minutes from Spring and The Woodlands, 18 minutes from Porter, 24 minutes from Tumble and Jersey Village, and only 30 minutes from Sugar Land. If you are suffering from severe acute or chronic pain that is not relieved through over-the-counter medicines and need a top pain management doctor, please call us. Dr. Warfield has undergone extensive training to understand the root cause of acute and chronic pain and will work with you to suggest the best treatment options for your condition. Dr. Brett Warfield has 20+ years of experience and is an expert in

managing chronic back pain, neck pain, and joint pain.

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