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Arachnoiditis Treatments

Arachnoiditis is a neurological condition that can cause severe back pain and radiates to the perineum, legs, arms, and feet. Arachnoiditis can also affect a person’s vision, sight, and mobility. This condition develops when the tissues surrounding the nerves, brain, and spinal cord are injured or damaged. This page will identify the causes of arachnoiditis and the pain management options for our Houston patients.  If you would like to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Warfield at our pain management clinic in Houston, please call (346) 888-5237 or lick on the button below to complete our contact form, and one of our friendly staff members will be in touch with you as quickly as possible.

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Arachnoiditis Causes & Symptoms

The arachnoid is one of the membranes surrounding and protecting the spinal cord’s nerves. When this membrane becomes irritated and inflamed, the condition is called arachnoiditis. The arachnoid membrane can become irritated by direct injury, dye chemicals used in some diagnostic therapies, bacterial or viral infections, compression of spinal nerves, or complications from some spinal procedures. This can include direct punctures of the spinal membrane from errors in spinal surgeries or procedures. Dr. Brett Warfield provides non-invasive treatments for this condition at TIPI Pain Management in Houston, conveniently accessed for our Baytown, Sugar Land, and Cypress patients.

Arachnoiditis is a progressive disease; therefore, symptoms can increase over time. Each person may be different; therefore, no two patients’ symptoms may be identical. During the early stages, some people may mistake this disease for a joint injury, muscle strain, or sprain. This is why we recommend seeing a pain management specialist in Houston that can provide you with accurate diagnoses. The most common symptoms of arachnoiditis include:


  • changes in vision

  • joint, muscle, or back pain

  • nerve pain

  • unusual sensations, such as burning or tingling.

  • ringing in the ears

  • muscle weakness

  • changes in hearing

  • swelling of the meninges.

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Arachnoiditis Pain Management In Houston

No real cure for arachnoiditis exists, and treatments focus on relieving the source of the pain or managing pain, physical therapy, exercise, and psychotherapy. Dr. Brett Warfield prefers using regenerative and integrative treatments to help your body naturally heal the condition causing arachnoiditis, thereby alleviating symptoms such as back pain.

Our pain management clinic in Houston may treat arachnoiditis treatments with platelet-rich therapy or PRP. Dr. Warfield is one of the foremost pain management specialists in all of Houston and can devise a custom treatment plan to help you live your best life without pain. Contact Texas Intergrative Pain Institute ( TIPI)  today, and schedule a consultation for arachnoiditis treatment.

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